Chloë Stewart

Nibs etc. is fighting food waste by making great tasting food from ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away. If food waste was its own country, it would be the third largest contributor of greenhouse gases, after the US and China.

Founder Chloë believes that there is no better way to tackle

that problem than by bringing people together over delicious food made sustainably. She began by documenting her experiences and recipes on her blog and now she inspires people through her snacks made from upcycled fruit and vegetable juice pulp. She currently sells her products at events, pop-ups, and weekly at Borough Market.

“Innovation is the creation of that which has not previously existed, in order to bring about positive change. Food waste exists because of a lack of imagination. Innovation morphs ‘waste’ into something new, in a form that has never before existed, to bring about positive change both in our diets and in our environmental impact.”

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