Sarah Henderson

Echo is pioneering a new form of exchange in East London, connecting local residents and businesses to exchange skills, knowledge and resources using a unique time-based currency where everyone and everything is valued equally – 1 Echo for 1 hour. Since Echo started in 2014, the team have been inspired by the wealth of skills and knowledge present within East London communities. Echo exists to help uncover and unlock these assets, and give people a simple, equitable way to connect and share.

Sarah continues to be inspired daily by what can happen when you bring unlikely allies together to exchange – whether it is a creative freelancer helping an older person get online for the first time, a corporate finance director empowering a new startup to organise their systems, or a local chef sharing her favourite cuisine in a cookery workshop – these are the connections that help build a diverse and thriving community.

“Innovation means challenging the status quo - boldly imagining and actively creating new and better ways of doing things.”

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