Ellie Yell

Fledglink’s mission is to be the most helpful and supportive platform for diverse young people as they navigate the final years of education and the decisions which follow. By helping them to discover themselves and the options available, this will lead them to make better, more confident decisions about the next step in their journey; be that university, going into work, an apprenticeship or starting their own business.

The Fledglink app provides a free-to-use platform where users can build a digital CV, network with peers and access meaningful careers guidance and opportunities. All this being contained in one app means that more diverse young people can have equal access to the support they need to grow the best future possible for themselves. Fledglink also runs self- development and employability workshops for schools, colleges and partners who support disadvantaged young people or minorities.

“Innovation is more than just creating something new. It is uncovering a unique solution to a problem that desperately needs solving.”

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