Fran Petruzzelli

Bidstack is the in-game advertising platform that is redefining immersive advertising in the gaming space. Bidstack bridges the gap between gamers, game developers and advertisers by enhancing the gaming experience with rich, real-world advertising. It delivers targeted, native in-game ads across multiple platforms, PC and console, to gamers globally.

It is the first company to develop technology that allows adverts to be served into natural spaces within video games, and has grown from a crowdfunded startup to one of the fastest-growing businesses on the London Stock Exchange. These ads enhance the realism of games and maintain the authenticity of their artwork without breaking immersion for the player. They also create an alternative revenue stream for game developers and empower advertisers to reach a growing, engaged and diverse audience.

“Innovation is the blending of creativity and technology to improve and develop new, more effective and efficient ways for brands to seamlessly engage with consumers.”

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