Hannah B & Jay S

Kiroku’s mission is to make a professional’s life more enjoyable by automating the less rewarding parts of their work. Hannah Burrow and Jay Shah, Kiroku’s co-founders, have combined their unique skill sets to solve this mission. Hannah’s background in dentistry and Jay’s background in natural language processing have led them to start working in the dental market, automating the note-taking process for dentists using AI.

Kiroku is already helping hundreds of dentists focus their attention back on their patients and spend less on admin. The company has recently raised a £1.2million round of funding and is planning to rapidly expand its user base over the next year. Kiroku’s technology is generic, and Hannah and Jay plan on expanding to other industries to help achieve their vision.

“The first of innovation is to inspire and create new concepts and solutions. The second is to execute those thoughts in a unique way to turn the idea into a reality.”

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