Julian Hall

Ultra Education CIC is a multi-award-winning social enterprise whose mission is to provide effective entrepreneurial education to children and young people regardless of social economic background. It empowers children with the idea that you can do what you love and make money from it.

Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall founded Ultra Education four years ago. He started his first business at 18 years old, and has a strong background in technology and investment banking, as well as being the best-selling author of three business books. He has co-written 3 degrees in entrepreneurship and launched the UK’s first mobile game for kids entrepreneurship. He is the entrepreneur in residence at one of London’s top schools and is one of the first to start integrating entrepreneurship into the curriculum. A recently-elected member of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and freeman of the city, Julian is currently developing the world’s first artificial intelligence chatbot that can teach entrepreneurship to children and teens.

“Innovation means creating change that can improve the lives of people. It is taking new ways of doing things and making them real for real people with real challenges.”

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