Julie C, Olivia W & Anna S

JOA is an outerwear brand based in East London challenging fashion consumption by introducing one-off jackets made from garments charity shops can’t sell. They are made in its mini factory where it teaches women of the area specific skills and offer them working hours that align with their duties as mothers. This way, JOA supports its local industry and tackles several issues created by fashion including waste, crafting competencies loss and underpaid garment workers.

Mixing innovative pattern-cutting and edgy aesthetics, jackets are designed for adaptability and each piece is unique. Additionally, it offers the sentimental service; your old clothes can be remade into a JOA jacket. JOA does not follow the seasonal structure and creates a circular system.

“Innovation means responsibility. It is not because you can do something that you have to do it. Innovation needs to be thought through, and create a positive impact every step of the way, while inspiring other people to do the same. Before innovating, ask yourself: why am I doing it?”

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