London Interdisciplinary School

London Interdisciplinary School

London Interdisciplinary School is building a new university that prepares students to tackle some of the most complex problems faced by the world (e.g. knife crime). Their interdisciplinary approach cuts across disciplines to teach students the most fundamental models from the arts, sciences, and humanities, empowering them to make new connections and find new solutions. LIS has no subject or grade requirements. Instead, they will review students’ grades in the context of their educational, family, and personal background, to understand what they’ve achieved given their starting point.

Each year, students will complete structured work placements with some of the UK’s most prestigious employers and exciting start-ups including Virgin, Innocent, the Met Police, and Olio.

“To innovate is to be at the cutting-edge of creativity. One way of doing this is to bring insights together in new and exciting ways – working collaboratively with brilliant people and bringing your ideas to life.”

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