Matt Pierri

Matt Pierri

SociAbility empowers greater social inclusion for disabled people through better accessibility information. It is taking the stress out of being social by making detailed venue accessibility information more reliable, informative and readily available.

Through its mobile app, any smartphone user can quickly find and contribute accessibility information for local venues and hotspots. Its mission is to build the world’s best accessibility database for the community, through the community.

SociAbility is an award-winning startup on a mission to build a more inclusive and empowering world for disabled people everywhere, with support from the Oxford Foundry, Oxford Seed Fund, Skoll Centre for Entrepreneurship, Geovation and Plexal amongst many other generous and committed partners.

“Innovation is tackling an old problem with a fresh approach and learning to see failure as part of the learning curve, rather than an indictment on the innovator or the impossibility of success.”

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