Matteo Maccario

Matteo Maccario

Pluvo is developing a highly impactful and scalable solution for urban air pollution. The Pluvo is an innovative street structure that uses its custom two-stage air scrubbing system to actively track and remove harmful pollutants from the air we breathe. It is also serves as a new high-value visual medium for both public education and corporate sponsorship. By leveraging its recurring ad sponsorship revenue it financially incentivises a widespread roll out of urban air purifiers in order to materially improve air quality and health in cities.

Each Pluvo will be able to remove significant amounts of airborne particulates and harmful nitrogen oxide gases from the air it breathes in. Third-party simulations have shown that with a series of Pluvos installed on a busy street, over 90% reduction of harmful particulates and nitrous oxides can be achieved.

“Innovation means finding and applying currently non-obvious or counterintuitive solutions to the status quo in order to solve real-world problems. Innovations will usually seem like the obvious solution only in hindsight and only once they have been correctly applied to and accepted in the world.”

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