Michael Goulden

Michael Goulden

Pinga came to be after the team spotted that consumers are ordering items online which travel 100 miles on a lorry overnight, when they could actually be sourced from shops one mile from them. The problems faced by consumers are that they don’t know where to go, whether an item is in stock and delivery times are not fast enough.

Pinga is on a mission to change all of that – by digitising all of the shops and the high street around you, so you can get almost everything you need delivered in one hour with no cardboard boxes and zero CO2.

Pinga is creating an ethical gig economy that puts people first. The philosophy of the company is a clear moral compass, don’t take short cuts, play the long game and be rewarded.

“Innovation is opening your eyes to the little ‘chafes’ all around you that are all too easy to ignore, but actually when solved everyone says “Oh I cannot believe that was not fixed before”. The trick is spotting them and doing something about it!”

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