Miranda K & Everest E

Miranda Khamis & Everest Ekong

Food Drop ensures unsold food goes to local charities. The Food Drop platform makes it simple and easy for high street food outlets with unsold food to connect to nearby charities. The platform intelligently matches supply and demand to help facilitate the redistribution. It harnesses the power of technology, to improve a supplier’s value chain by extending, monitoring and optimising the ‘last-mile’.

Charities can confirm, share and cancel collections all from the WhatsApp bot, making it quick and easy for them. Branch staff have a simple system in store to confirm the surplus food available. If a charity needs help with collecting food, the general public can step in and help using the mobile app, creating one integrated system. This makes it quick for retailers to redistribute their food, easy for charities to collect it, and simple for anyone to volunteer and help local charities access food.

“Innovation is the superlinear correlation between produced impact versus required resources – fundamentally possessing characteristics of value compounding at no proportional cost of resources. Day to day, this can mean challenging assumptions, coupled with exploring new possibilities. We believe driving change requires both persistence and patience.”

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