Paul Manning

Paul Manning

Paul’s career was spent founding disruptive startups, creative directing in big agencies and realising how expensive and inaccessible they were to those who needed them. After releasing no one was helping the people really trying to innovate, Paul founded Idea East, and built it for startups.

Idea East (soon to rebrand as ‘Outfly’) is London’s design innovation agency. It blends design, marketing and business strategy into a one-stop shop for growth. It only works with impact startups, innovation wings and entrepreneurs: the people changing the game. It helps startups redefine their positioning, their message, even what they do. It delivers practical, tangible creative solutions to intangible problems. Our mission is to do whatever it takes, from providing advice, to starting new companies with people it believes in, to give them the expertise they need to turn their passion into action.

“Innovation means challenging conventions, preconceptions and boundaries. It means taking a step back from habit and what is considered the ‘norm’, shifting your perspective to redefine what is possible.”

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