Rachel Crossley

Rachel Crossley

From artists, carers, rogues and campaigners, to sports stars, mothers, inventors and entertainers - East End women have changed the world. It has been home to the ‘first feminist’ and the last-surviving suffragette, the Bow Match Women and the Ford Dagenham Strikers. But all too often, women’s stories are missing, their voices underrepresented. The mission of the East End Women’s Museum is to put this right - to research, record, share and celebrate the stories of East London women past and present.

The East End Women’s Museum is the only dedicated women’s museum in England. It is passionate not only about giving a voice to a diverse range of women, but amplifying their stories to help challenge gender stereotypes, offer new role models, and empower women and girls today.

“Innovation means not only dreaming of a better future, but doing something to make it happen.”

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