Sarah Corbett

Sarah Corbett

Activism often conjures up images of quick transactional signing of petitions, clicktivism or loud and aggressive ways of demanding justice. The award-winning Craftivist Collective provides its unique ‘gentle protest’ methodology of craftivism - craft plus activism. Craftivism uses crafts such as hand embroidery and paper-craft as a meditative tool for people. The aim is to allow people to slow down, reflect and use their crafted objects as compassionate catalysts to respond to injustice issues in a transformative, quiet and respectful way when engaging with politicians and other power-holders.

Based on neuroscience, psychology and robust campaign strategies, this creative and healthy way of doing activism has helped change laws, business policies, hearts and minds across the world. Sarah Corbett set up the Craftivist Collective to educate, inspire and empower individuals, groups and organisations to learn how to use craftivism as a tool for activism when it is most needed – not to replace other forms of activism but to add to the activism toolkit.

“Innovation means being constantly curious so that we always improve our skills to make the world a happier, healthier and more harmonious place for all.”

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