Simon Cole

Simon Cole

An experimental travel project, Hackney Tours straddles conventional tourism and deep alternative exploration. Founder Simon Cole has walked the East London streets for a decade, observing the complexities of change, noting lesser-heard voices in the cracks and corners of an evolving urban landscape.

With residents, universities, businesses and other organisations, he asks what can we learn from the Hackney

innovators of the past who campaigned for a better world? How do they connect with today’s social enterprise and sustainability trailblazers and their local solutions to pressing global issues? How might we use the past to examine contemporary London, then shape its future?

Seeking carbon-free wonder, constructing new constellations and using different prisms to view our surroundings, Hackney Tours invites people to really connect with the city – and each other. Let us discover, appreciate and care about the world around us. Join the conversation, get involved!

“We can innovate materially but also morally. Innovation now is doing things in a more holistic and conscious way: considering our impact on each other here and overseas, while also respecting the planet.”

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