Will Ross

Will Ross

In July 2018, Tendo set out to make frontline work a safe, dignified and prosperous place to earn a living. Despite the prevalence of LinkedIn, no cross-sector system empowered workers employed in roles such as cleaners, security guards or baristas. A skills passport for frontline work emerged from this, an app which allows employees to generate and retain a verified and portable record of hours and skills at the end of each week. By using Tendo to provide tangible recognition for work done, businesses also benefit by finding it easier to hire, retain and train their workforce.

The company is backed by “Tech for Good” investor Bethnal Green Ventures and works closely with East London Business Alliance, a training provider which services a range of sectors with a focus on low-income employees. The team is formed of ex-employees from Tesco, Telefónica and Freeletics.

“Innovation means acknowledging that nothing is fixed. Now is the time for action, with the future undefined but framed in optimism.”

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