Xylo Aria

Xylo Aria

Music Production for Women (MPW) is a global movement, community and online learning platform which aims to encourage and empower women who are interested in taking their first steps into music production. It achieves this by proactively breaking down barriers through education and also by providing a strong and supportive community space which is a safe domain for all. MPW’s mission is to instil confidence in anyone interested in learning to produce music, encourage learning in an open and collaborative environment and to allow every individual to feel supported through every step of their journey in music tech.

Since its launch less than a year ago, MPW has been featured in numerous publications across the UK and Europe as well as building partnerships with global studio equipment brands. In the coming year, an Australian chapter of MPW will be opening with an increased focus on building confidence in young people within schools and colleges.

“Innovation means using the current resources in a way they have not been used before to provide a revolutionary solution to a current societal issue.”

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