Yolanda Antonopoulou

Yolanda Antonopoulou

Gaia Pulses Ltd. is a finely-tuned East London organisation creating great social impact every day. Gaia Pulses has been operating since 2014 from The Old Baths in Hackney Wick, a listed historic building, not only owned but also actively supported by the London Borough of Hackney.

Yolanda believes that the food people eat affects how they think and feel. With her plant-based ready meals, she aims not only to inspire people’s consciousness towards a sustainable diet but also to nourish their souls. Having created a product with some of the most innovative packaging of current times, Yolanda demonstrates her integrity and commitment to this principle throughout the entire process. She is working to set the foundations for a sustainable future in the food industry and beyond.

“Innovation comes through passion, creative thinking, very hard work, determination and persistence, but also going with the flow, empowering all the people around me and working together as one collective consciousness.”

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